Culinary Arts Department

Woodland Community College offers a Certificate of Achievement in Baking, Culinary Arts, and Associate of Arts in Culinary Arts. These certificates and degree are intended to provide students with the skills and abilities necessary to obtain employment in the growing bakery, restaurant and hospitality industry. Students that earn the certificate and/or have the ability to secure employment from restaurants, hotels, casinos, bakeries and other foodservice establishments. The students will learn: food safety and handling, recipe conversions, equipment selections, French techniques for pastry and dessert components and a variety of modern cooking methods and techniques. The Culinary Arts Associate of Arts prepares students with the skills to be the future Sous/Executive Chefs, Restaurant Managers and Food service Business Owners in the rapidly growing foodservice industry. This degree gives students the complete culinary skill set to be successful and the industry advantage of an accredited culinary degree.


Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  1. Students can successfully create a bake shop\restaurant business plan.
  2. Students can successfully cost a standardized pastry recipe and find it’s accurate selling cost.
  3. Students can demonstrate French pastry techniques.
  4. Student will understand and demonstrate the ability to clean, organize and sanitize according to industry standards in food handling, and restaurant service.
  5. Student will understand and utilize the appropriate baking methods and techniques according to industry standards.
  6. Students will demonstrate professionalism in appearance, teamwork and promptness.

Baking Certificate of Achievement (effective Fall 2017)

Catalog #TitleUnits: (18 required)
BCA15Business Computer Applications - Beginning3
CUL72Introduction to Purchasing for Food Service & Hospitality2
CUL73Sanitation,Safety, and Storage1
CUL74Introduction to Baking and Pastry3
CUL75Advanced Baking and Pastry3
CUL78Introduction to Catering and Event Hospitality2
CUL80Food Service Operations and Management2
CWEE45A orOccupational Work Experience-Volunteer2
CWEE45BOccupational Work Experience-Paid2
Total: 18