• Cynthia Kellogg


    Growing up across the street from a university in Indiana, Cynthia Kellogg “always knew” she would be involved in education.

  • Frank Rodgers


    Born and raised along Cache Creek right outside of Woodland, Rodgers taught business-related classes full-time
    for more than 30 years at WCC. Now retired, he continues as an adjunct faculty member, currently teaching
    macro- and microeconomics.

  • Jenee Rawlings


    Yolo Federal’s Chief Executive Office, Jenée Rawlings, started off as a teller at a rural mini mart
    selling beer, gas, fish and bait. Shortly thereafter, she became a part-time bank teller and, through
    determination and continued education — including obtaining an Associate’s Degree from Woodland
    Community College — Rawlings has worked her way up to the top position at Yolo Federal.

  • Mary Huizar


    “Indispensible” has many synonyms: Crucial. Essential. Fundamental. Imperative. Vital.

  • Terry Turner


    Turner, who passed away in April 2013, was one of the original 12 faculty members at Yuba College’s Woodland
    Campus. He taught art and humanities for 35 years — bringing his love of art to hundreds of college students,
    while also expanding their understanding of social justice with his calm, determined demeanor.