Woodland Community College currently offers courses in Sign Language and Spanish

Sign Language Courses

SIGN 1—Sign Language Studies 1 (3 units)
CSU/UC UC-Unit Limit
Introduction to the visual-gestural processes of sign language; provides instructional activities for people who wish to become competent in communication with deaf people; emphasis on nonverbal communication. (L)

SIGN 2—Sign Language Studies 2 (3 units) CSU/UC
Non-verbal communication skills using syntactical and finger spelling of multi-syllable words. Prerequisite: SIGN 1.

SIGN 3—Sign Language Studies 3 (3 units) CSU/UC
Continuation of ASL comprehension skills and advanced grammatical structure; continues to place emphasis on expressive skills and deaf culture. Prerequisite: SIGN 2.

SIGN 61R—Basic Vocabulary and Finger Spelling (2 units)
The art of communicating with the deaf by means of finger spelling and basic signing. (L) (Repeatable: May be taken two times only.)

Spanish Courses

SPAN 1—Elementary Spanish, Part 1 (4 units)
CSU/UC UC-Unit Limit
Development of four basic language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Students will learn to initiate, sustain, and close basic communication tasks. Student will understand content related to personal background and needs, non-complex social conventions, main ideas and details of connected discourse of familiar topics. This course is equivalent to one year of high school Spanish. (L)

SPAN 2—Elementary Spanish, Part 2 (4 units)
CSU/UC UC-Unit Limit
A continuation of Spanish 1. Emphasis on control of the material in Spanish 1 and introduction of the present perfect, the conditional, the future and the subjunctive verb cases. This course is equivalent to two years of high school Spanish. Prerequisite: SPAN 1 or equivalent. (L)

SPAN 3—Intermediate Spanish, Part 1 (4 units)
CSU/UC UC-Unit Limit
A third semeser course which completes the presentation of basis Spanish grammar and development of all language skills (listening, reading, speaking, and writing) in a cultural context with special emphasis in communications. Equivalent to three years of high school Spanish. Prerequisite: SPAN 2; or 3 years of high school Spanish; or equivalent. (L)
SPAN 10—Introduction to Spanish (3 units) CSU
Study of elementary Spanish with an emphasis in proficiency, including grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and communication. (L)

SPAN 20A—Spanish for Heritage Students (4 units)
CSU/UC UC-Unit Limit
Intensive review of grammar; composition, translation, cultural and literary readings. Designed for those who are effective in oral communication in Spanish, but who need training in written forms of the Spanish language. Emphasis on increasing vocabulary, reading, and writing skills through short stories, essays, and guided composition. (L)

SPAN 20B—Spanish for Heritage Students (4 units) CSU/UC UC-Unit Limit
Designed for bilingual students who are effective in oral communication, but who need more training in the written forms of the language; intensive review of grammar; composition and translation; linguistic ability in both English and Spanish is used as a basis for increasing vocabulary and increasing writing and reading skills. Prerequisite: SPAN 20A or 2.

SPAN 51R—Conversational Spanish (1 or 2 or 3 units)
Development of oral skills in Spanish with an emphasis on practical phrases for communication in job or social situations; vocabulary development appropriate for basic interaction as well as for law enforcement, welfare, and other public agencies. Grades are P/NP (L) (Repeatable: May be taken four times only.)<