Woodland Community College Agriculture Degrees and Certificates

California Agriculture represents a model of food and fiber production for the rest of the world. Producing over 300 different crops, the agriculture economy generates over $20 billion on a continued decline of land acres. The program of courses offered in the Agriculture department will prepare students for a variety of occupations in Agriculture, and will prepare students for transfer to higher education institutions.

The Agriculture Department offers

All of the programs offered by the Agriculture department are designed to focus on individuality of each student; allowing each student to select specific electives to represent their specific interests,career, and educational goals.

Department of Pesticide Regulations (DPR)
Pest Control Advisor (PCA) approved courses

Summary information for PCA-aspiring students

Department of Pesticide Regulations

Physical & Biological Sciences (12 semester units required)

  • AG-50 Fundamentals of Environmental Science
  • BIOL-1 Principles of Biology
  • BIOL-2 General Zoology
  • BIOL-3 General Botany
  • BIOL-10L General Biology
  • BIOL-15 Bioscience
  • CHEM-1A General Chemistry
  • CHEM-1B General Chemistry
  • CHEM 2A – Introductory Chemistry
  • CHEM-2B Introductory Chemistry
  • CHEM-10 Concepts of Chemistry
  • CHEM-18A Organic Chemistry for Health and Life Sc
  • CHEM-18B Organic Chemistry for Health and Life Sc
  • ECOL-10 Environment – Concepts and Issues

Crop Health  (9 semester units required)

  • PLSCI-22/L Introduction to Soils
  • PLSCI-21 Fertilizers and Plant Nutrition
  • ENVHR-10 Economic Entomology
  • ENVHR-22A Plant Identification
  • ENVHR-22B Plant Identification

Pest Management Systems and Methods (6 semester units required)

  • ENVHR-10 Economic Entomology
  • PLSCI-30 Integrated Pest Management
  • PLSCI-31 Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture
  • PLSCI-32 Plant Protection Materials

Production Systems*   (6 semester units required)

  • ENVHR-20 Fundamentals of Environmental Horticulture
  • ENVHR-21 Plant Propagation
  • ENVHR-24 Greenhouse Management
  • AG-45 Principles of Animal Science
  • AG-45L Principles of Animal Science
  • AG-43 Beef Cattle Science
  • AG-46 Animal Feeds and Nutrition
  • PLSCI-20/L Principles of Plant Science

Electives (9 semester units required)
Any of the courses in Crop Health, Pest Management and Methods, and Production Systems

*May use AG-32 Internship/Work Experience to count towards 3 units electives.

*24 months work experience – verified by employer