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College Readiness Courses at Lake County Campus

These courses are intended for Lake County Campus students. If you are a student at the Woodland or Colusa campuses, check out our College Success courses for Woodland and Colusa Students.

Get up to speed and get ready for college courses!

  • Prepare for the high school equivalency test (HiSET).
  • Improve your reading, math and writing abilities for work and college classes.

We give you FREE resources to improve your academic skills, plus access to other benefits:

  • Easy-access courses and computer lab
  • Skills assessment in math, reading, and writing
  • Personalized learning plans
  • Study materials and books provided at no cost
  • Free access to Lake County Transit with student ID
  • Free access to campus resources

It’s easy to sign up and registration is open all year.

Call (707) 995-7913 for more information.

Prepare for the High School Equivalency Exam

Passing the HiSET® exam proves you have the same academic knowledge and proficiency as a high school graduate. Once you pass, you will be issued a high school equivalency credential. The credential helps you move your life in a whole new direction!

Learn about the HiSET exam

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Improve skills in solving multi-step math problems (numerical and word) involving basic operations up to algebra and geometry
  2. Improve ability to identify and summarize main ideas in short reading selections involving a variety of genres (essays, news articles, text books, etc)
  3. Compose a competent and focused 2-6 paragraph response on an assigned topic.
  4. Collaborate with others and demonstrate the characteristics of successful self-directed learners.

College Readiness Courses offered at LCC

All of these courses are non-credit classes and do not have enrollment fees (except for the $10 per semester health services fee). For information on how to enroll, call (707) 995-7913 or visit the LCC Administration building to meet with one of our advisors.

LEARN 520 – Beginning Basic Academic Skills
General review of beginning to intermediate concepts of reading, writing, and math including strategies for preparing for the HiSET exam. Open-Entry/Open-Exit.

LEARN 521 – Intermediate Basic Academic Skills
General review of intermediate concepts of basic reading, writing, and math. Builds on skills obtained in LEARN 520. Includes strategies in preparation for the HiSET exam and post secondary coursework. Open-Entry/Open-Exit.

Certificates you can earn:

Basic Academic Skills—Certificate of Competency

LCC students who successfully complete LEARN 520 & 521 can apply to be awarded the Basic Academic Skills Certificate of Competency. Students receiving the certificate will have improved proficiency in the areas of basic math, reading, writing, and technology ensuring greater success in the workplace or in college credit programs.