Description of English 51

This course will introduce you to the reading, writing, and critical thinking strategies of college-level writing with guided in-class support to help you prepare for success in English 1A.

Expect to be Challenged

  • By interactive in-class activities and discussions that will build your critical thinking and analytical reading skills.
  • By guided in-class activities to help you connect your writing and ideas to the writing and ideas of others.
  • To write essays that are more complex and diverse topics than you may have experienced in the past.
  • To adopt new approaches to the essay writing process that will move beyond the five-paragraph essay.
  • With 3-4 hours of weekly reading and 4-8 hours of weekly writing.

Expect to be Supported

  • With hands-on instruction and modeling that will help you develop your critical thinking, reading, and writing skills.
  • Through dedicated class time to learn, practice, develop, and apply new reading and writing skills.
  • With guided sentence-level support from highly skilled instructors.

Goals of English 51

Students will develop the reading, writing, and critical thinking strategies necessary to engage with and respond to college-level topics and assignments.