Woodland College’s Commitment to Students:

Working, attending college, and raising a family all at once can be challenging. That’s why Woodland College CalWORKs offers a core of comprehensive services to help CalWORKs students achieve their educational and employment goals. Some of the services offered by Woodland College CalWORKs are:


Between work and family, it can be difficult to find time to plan out your education goal. That’s why Woodland College CalWORKs Counseling is available. CalWORKs Counseling can help you:

  • Assess and decide on a field of study.
  • Develop an educational plan to monitor your achievements and progress while attending college.
  • Plan out your class schedule.
  • Stay on track with your educational and employment goals.
  • Refer you to community resources that can help you stay in school.
For more information about services available to CalWORKs students at Woodland College, please contact the CalWORKs program at (530) 668-3681.