Academic Success Workshops Series

The Academic Success Workshop Series offers exclusive Canvas Enhancements for every workshop. Some workshops have videos, others have handouts, worksheets, and links to content to help students master reading, writing, and information literacy. To access this exclusive Canvas Enhanced Workshop content, visit the Academic Success Workshop Canvas page. All current WCC students can gain access. If you have any questions about the workshops or would like to

Workshop Information & Reading the Calendar

Workshops are offered in several different ways, and are notated on the calendar to reflect the type of workshop. Below is a key of the types of workshops that are available:

  • In Person Workshops: All in person workshops are held on the WCC main campus from 12:00 PM – 12:50 PM, and will have a room number notation. Most workshops are held in room 810 (inside the Woodland Main Campus library) and will be notated as *rm. 810*. Other rooms will be notated similarly (e.g. *rm. 814* means it is held in room 814 on the Woodland Campus).
    • Workshops are primarily held in room 810, but can also be held in room 814, 844, or 845. Please check back frequently in case of room changes.
  • Live Teleconferenced Workshops: Much like the in-person workshops, these workshops are held at 12:00 PM – 12:50 PM and will be notated with the room number; all rooms numbers are on the WCC main campus but will have an additional note that will provide the room numbers at the corresponding campus that will host the teleconferenced workshop. (e.g. *rm. 814 to CCC rm. 908* means that the workshop will be teleconferenced from WCC room 814 to Colusa campus room 908)
  • Video Workshops: Some workshops are only available during a semester as a video that you must watch online through the Academic Success Workshops Canvas page. To access these workshops, please sign up to the Academic Success Workshops Canvas by clicking this link and entering your Student ID and password. Workshops that are only available as a video will be marked as *video*.
    • Note: All videos and workshop materials are found on the “Modules” tab in the Canvas Classroom.

Academic Success Workshop Calendar

Quick Key:

Time: All in-person and teleconferenced workshops are at 12 – 12:50 PM.
Day/Date: As listed in the calendar.