Tutoring is provided, free of charge, to all Upward Bound students. Upward Bound tutors are trained to help students develop skills that will help them successfully finish high school and college. Students can get individual tutoring in almost every subject.

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**Disclaimer: Appointments will be scheduled based on staff availability.

Reporting a Tutoring Absence

This is only used during the Academic Year. Please complete this form to report your absence by Wednesday of each week. This does not act as an excused absence, rather as a form of communicating with the UB staff. UB Staff will contact you directly to follow up with your absence. Should you have any questions, please stop by UB office or email farmenta@yccd.edu. **This does not replace the “Tutoring Slip”.Reporting a Tutoring Absence link

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Call our office at 661-2285 during regular business hours.