To provide services to current or former foster youth (FFY) attending Woodland Community College that will equip and empower them to do well academically, financially and inter-personally as they complete their pathway through higher education.


1. Counseling Services (Academic, Personal and Career Counseling)
2. Financial Aid Priority Process (FAFSA application assistance, grant and scholarship search assistance)
3. Book vouchers through campus loan library and through John Burton Foundation (when available; for qualified applicants only)
4. Transportation Vouchers
5. School Supplies
6. Emergency Grants (limited availability)
7. Care-Packs (when available)
8. Mentorship
9. Housing Support (Will assist in efforts to connect you with THP+ and THP+FC)
10. College Transfer Assistance (transfer counseling services, college tours, referral to University reps)
11. Linkage to campus and community resources

Initial Qualifications:

• Complete Woodland Community College application through CCCApply
• Must be highly motivated student who has at least one day of foster care experience from 0-18 years old (e.g. foster home, group home, probation ward)
• Must provide Ward of Court Document to GS office
Continuing Students Eligibility Requirements
• Maintain continuous enrollment at Woodland Community College
• Meet with a GPS counselor no less than three times per semester
• Maintain a 2.0 GPA or above
• Be enrolled in at least 6 units
• Participate in at least one program activity or workshop provided by GPS
• Agree to staff monitoring of academic performance and progress
• Attend academic intervention services as recommended by the GPS counselor
• Abide by all college standards for appropriate conduct and community behavior
• Meet with mentor once a month (for freshman students; optional for second year students)

We are co-located with the EOPS/CARE and CalWORKs programs (room 735/711), please stop by and we will answer your questions. Also, you may reach us by telephone at 530-661-5728.