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To access your new Woodland Community College e-mail, please follow these steps.

1. You must change your password before your new account will work

  1. Change Your Password

If you don’t know your password:

  1. Reset Your Password

2. Log into the YCCD Login system

3. Click on the O365 logo

4. To log on — Your ID is:
(Your WebAdvisorID)

5. Now go to


For direct access go to

If you chose another url/address you could be launched into one of Microsoft’s many other services.


It is important to check your WCC e-mail frequently. If you would like to redirect your incoming WCC e-mail to another e-mail address that you check regularly, follow these instructions.

Need assistance in logging in? Contact or call: 530-741-6981

Top Features of Student Email

  • Multiple services, one account
  • Photo Albums
  • Personal and shared folders
  • Invite Lists and RSVP Tracking
  • and more…

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