Available Support Services

Students Programs and Services

The DSPS program at Woodland Community College offers support services for students who may manifest a variety of disabilities. DSPS offers personalized counseling and program planning, adaptive technology, and accommodations to provide the student equal access to educational opportunity at the post secondary level. In order to receive services, prospective applicants need to show proof of a disability(s) verified by a qualified professional or receive verification from the DSPS Coordinator (depending on the disability). Learning Disabled (LD) students, exiting high school, need to bring in their most recent Individual Education Plan (IEP) and any psycheducational testing, from their most recent school placement, to help determine eligibility and accommodations. LD students may need to be retested if there is no documentation available. Students who have participated in a DSPS program with another college, should bring in related documentation to help determine individualized accommodations.

Service Provided by DSPS

  • Priority registration
  • Community Agency Referrals
  • E-text Production and Software
  • Braille Service
  • Specialized Equipment
  • Interpreting Services
  • Adaptive Technology
  • Real Time Captioning
  • Assessment of Learning Disabilities
  • Note-Takers/Scribes
  • Testing Accommodations
  • Preferential Seating
  • Ergonomic Furniture
  • Disability Management
  • Mobility services
  • Academic Advising and Program Planning
  • Tutoring