Successful Job Readiness Checklist

On behalf of California Community Colleges, CA Career Cafe has provided 7 useful steps to help you “Organize What You’ll Need to Land the Job You Want.

1. Resume

“Your resume is your most important job marketing tool. Your resume should concisely summarize your work experience, emphasize your accomplishments and include key words such as ‘problem solving,’ ‘leadership’ and ‘team building.’ You want an employer to see, at a glance, how you can contribute to the organization. If your resume can grab a hiring manager’s attention, you’ll be invited to interview.”

PDF: prepare-resume-take-action

2. Search

“Almost 44% of job seekers spend less than three hours per day looking for a new position. Yet, research shows that people who put more time into their job search find jobs sooner. If you want to give yourself a competitive advantage, treat your search like you would a job. Lay out a smart strategy and a schedule to keep you on task. Be clear and confident about what you have to offer an employer and your search will lead you to a good job.”

PDF: prepare-search-take-action

3. Network

“People are the most important source of information about new jobs and career opportunities. For every person who finds a position online, at least ten more find theirs through the people they know. Most job opportunities are never even advertised because organizations look first at people they know and people who come recommended. Building a good personal network will help you find your way to a good job.”

PDF: prepare-network-take-action

4. Link

“Nearly all of today’s job recruiters are using social networking sites to find job candidates. LinkedIn is the largest and most vibrant professional social networking site employers are turning to. Your LinkedIn Profile can help you make valuable inside connections at companies so you can find internships and jobs. LinkedIn tools give you an opportunity to build a strong online identity as you build and expand your professional network.”

PDF: prepare-link-take-action

5. Letter

“Do you really need a cover letter when you apply for jobs? According to many of today’s human resource experts, a well-written cover letter distinguishes your application. It is a good opportunity to make a good impression on an employer and show why you are a strong candidate for the job. Cover letters take a time and effort but they could be your ticket to a job interview.”

PDF: prepare-letter-take-action

6. Interview

“Your resume got you in the door. Now you have to show the employer you are the best candidate for the job. This is your chance to meet with a potential employer and demonstrate your skills and abilities. There are no quick formulas to succeeding in an interview, but preparation, practice and attention to detail will certainly give you the confidence you need as you put your best foot forward.”

PDF: prepare-interview-take-action

7. Checklist

Have you gone through your checklist? Have you successfully completed the steps? Are you ready or not ready to apply for a job?

PDF: prepare-checklist