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Agriculture Pathways

10 certificates and degrees | Next semester starts January 23

Learn the skills you need to get hired for jobs in agriculture, animal science, horticulture and more!

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Agriculture is California's top commodity

California Agriculture represents a model of food and fiber production for the rest of the world. Producing over 300 different crops, the agriculture economy generates over $20 billion on a continued decline of land acres. The program of courses offered in the Agriculture department will prepare students for a variety of occupations in Agriculture, and will prepare students for transfer to higher education institutions.

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Woodland Community College offers 10 degree and certificate options for you to specialize in. As you spend time in our program, you'll find the path that fits best.

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Each class and certificate builds on the next, so at each level you only need a few more classes to earn your way to the top.

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Choose from 5 Agriculture pathways:

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Agriculture & Animal Science Pathway

Develop a base set of skills in plant or soil science that are required to be successful in the increasingly complex business and production operations in the agriculture industry. You will research careers, agricultural markets and policies, including how to quantify the value of farm operations, and recognize the impact of food production and the environment in sustaining life.

Agriculture Research Technician (Certificate)

  • Scientific knowledge for applied working skills in the agriculture industry 
  • Problem solving for business or food production

Agriculture Animal Science (A.S.-T)

  • Apply science directly with live sheep, goat, and cattle
  • Evaluate and apply scientific knowledge into working skills used in animal sciences
  • Evaluate agricultural data as it relates to animal production
  • Recognize environmental implications your conclusions

Agriculture Science (A.S.)

  • Care practices for animals, including selection, handling and management
  • Principles and techniques of modern crop and livestock management 
  • Scientific evaluation skills including interpreting graphs and data from scientific papers

Agriculture Business Pathway

Acquire a solid business foundation in the agriculture industry and how commodities are marketed and sold. It also prepares you to transfer to an Agriculture Business program at a four-year university. Students completing the degree are guaranteed admission to the CSU system with junior status, 

Ag Student in classroom

Agriculture Business (Certificate)

Agriculture Business (A.S.-T)

Plant Science Pathway

Plant Protection (Certificate)

The Plant Protection Certificate of Achievement trains you to design and implement comprehensive integrated pest management programs for private or public entities. Pest Control Advisers (PCA) provide written recommendations for the application of pesticides, as well as providing guidance to farmers for overall plant health.

Agriculture Plant Science (A.S.-T)

You can earn a Plant Science transfer degree if your plan is to complete a bachelor’s degree in plant science or a related major at a CSU campus. Students completing this degree are guaranteed admission to the CSU system with junior status.

Examining samples in a petri dish

Environmental Horticulture Pathway

Understand both the hands-on production of plants and the science behind it all. You'll learn everything—from soils, plants, crops, fertilizers, landscape irrigation, to pests—and how all of those apply to the larger agriculture industry. Classes are taught outside and in the greenhouse in addition to traditional theory-based lectures.

Student taking core sample from hay

Environmental Horticulture (Certificate)

Environmental Horticulture (A.S.)

Sustainable Agriculture Pathway

Engage in agricultural practices and techniques that promote sustainability. You'll be introduced to career and field experience opportunities, while developing a foundation in plant and soil science with a background in general agriculture. You'll be able to specialize in sustainable pest management and food systems that emphasize modern approaches and energy reduction.

Planting rows of food crops in the campus garden

Sustainable Agriculture (Certificate)

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