Congratulations! Here is your placement recommendation.

Print your recommended level

Based on your responses to the questions, you may be ready to take ESOL 70 (credit) / ESOL 570 (noncredit). You should take it with extra support.

Strongly recommended class schedule

  • ESOL 70/570 - Main class 
  • ESOL 271/571 - Support 
  • ESOL 252/552 - Lab  

Note: If you don’t feel ready for the challenge of ESOL 70/570, you can consider starting with ESOL 260/560 to build a stronger foundation before attempting the challenge of ESOl 70/570.

If you are a new student, you must complete an application to the college before you can register. Click the "How to apply tab" to see the steps you must follow. 

If you have more questions, you can make an appointment with a counselor to discuss your placement and class options. Please call 530-661-5703 to schedule an ESOL placement appointment. Please print the recommendations page above and take them with you to your appointment. 

You can also contact Jessica Aggrey with any questions about the ESOL program. Her email is and her office phone is (530) 668-3682

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