Research projects in the virtual symposium are listed by course. Click on a project title to view the presentation and leave feedback for our student researchers.

These projects and more from Agriculture/Plant Science, Biology and the MESA program will be on display at the poster session May 18, 12-1pm in the WCC Community Room.

Download a symposium program.

BIOL 1 – Principles of Biology

Professor Brian Gillespie

Comparing Simple and Complex Sugar Solution for Yeast Growth

Sania Farhan, Sofiya Phuyal, Ed Yang

PSYCH 7 – Research Methods in Psychology

Professor Alison Buckley

Effects of Music on Motivation!

Perla Gomez, Diana Hernandez, Leslie Pelayo

Music’s Impact on Perceived Stress Levels

Leah Acosta, Devon Alexander, Amy Godinez, Alejandro Jacobo

Parental Influence and Cannabis use Among Teenagers

Brittany Blaine, Erika Gonzalez, Juan Medina Hernandez, Crystal Mendez

The Effects of Social Media on Sleep

T.J. Caldwell, Alfonso Guzman-Villalobos, Jessica Lopez, Ricardo Mignon

The Effects of Taking Melatonin

Charleen Bejarano, Gabriel Cervantes, Stephanie Garcia

Where’s My Money? Is Social Media to Blame?

Amna Ali, Emi Ancheta, Stephanie Flores, Haseeba Shahzadi

SOCIL 8 – Social Science Research Methods

Professor Nili Kirschner

How Parental Involvement Impacts the College Outcome of Students: A Qualitative Pilot Study

Marisela Solorio-Lopez

Latinas’ Experience of Feeling Heard by Healthcare Providers: A Qualitative Pilot Study

Adriana Alvarez

Media Representation of ASD: Perspectives of Parents of Kids on the Spectrum

Bianca Clark

The Effectiveness of College Support Programs: Does Time Make the Difference?

Syd Meza

This Gen or That: A Pilot Survey of the Punjabi Perspective on American Social Justice Movements

Maneek Sidhu

Women in Agriculture Balancing Family Life: A Qualitative Pilot Study

Manuela Sierra