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BIOL 1 – Principles of Biology, Prof. Brian Gillespie

Fermentation of Yeast with Real and Artificial Sugars
by Luvdeep Bal, Jessica Ibbetson, Bianca Medina, and Julyandra Mendoza 

How is Yeast Growth Affected in Different Milk Solvents?
by Rupinder Kaur, Sahib Sandhu, Haseeba Shahzadi, and Tristan Williams 

The Effect of Sucrose Concentrations on Saccharomyces cerevisiae Growth 
by Tina Dehdari, Andy Matsuura, and Marco Mendoza

The Effects of Sugar on Yeast Batter
by Melisa Alcaraz, Gricelda Vargas, and McKenna Ward

The Efficacy of Disinfectants
by Karen Barragan and Cristina Otento

Yeast Cells vs. Different Salt Concentrations
by Jasmine Arreola and Rawan Gebreil

PLSCI 20L – Principles of Plant Science, Prof. Candice Stafford-Banks

Can Mealybugs Stand the Heat?
by Travis Lindquist

Help Another, Help Yourself: Companion Planting
by Brayan Cano and Johanna Fisher

PSYCH 7 – Research Methods in Psychology, Prof. Alison Buckley

Association of Sleep and Productivity 
by Ramish Abdullah and Zarish Asaf

Children’s Exposure to IPV: A Study on The Long Term Effects in Young Adulthood
by Alexandra Garcia, Alondra Lua, and Jessica Parra

Effects of Childhood Abuse on Adult Relationships
by Parveen Kaur, America Rodriguez, and Alma Romero

Effects of Subject Familiarity on Public Speaking Anxiety
by shellbie jensen, Kylee sharp, and antonio juarez

Music Preference and Personality Type
by Andrea Perez, Jenna Stafford, and Brittney Westin

The Impact of Family Violence in Romantic Relationships
by Arianna Arroyo, Natalia Hernandez, and Hafsa Omer

SOCIL 8 – Social Science Research Methods, Prof. Nili Kirschner

El Miedo de Dar Luz: A Qualitative Pilot Study of Latina Birthing Methods
by Biridiana Díaz 

Factors that Impact Hmong-American Participation in the Healthcare System: A Qualitative Pilot Study
by Pachia Vue

How COVID Changed the Way We Mourn: A Qualitative Pilot Study
by Amy Plunkett

How Past Hatred Matters Today: An International Comparative Analysis of Forensic Procedures
by Fabian Vera