Student organizations at WCC are chartered through Associated Students of Woodland Community College (ASWCC). ASWCC is the student government at WCC. For more information about current officers, meetings, events, and elections, see the ASWCC website.

Students can join existing clubs at WCC, or start their own. For a list of existing clubs, go to ASWCC’s website.

To start a club, students need to fill out a Charter Packet (link to attached file). The charter packet contains everything you need to know to start and maintain a student organization, so please read it carefully. For further questions contact ASWCC.


Helpful Forms for Student Organizations

Getting Started
Charter Packet – start a new student organization

Running Meetings
Agenda Template – create agendas for official meetings
Minutes Template – keep minutes of official meetings
Robert’s Rules of Order – recommended procedure for running meetings

Planning Events
Facilities Request Form – reserve facilities and equipment
Postering Policy – rules for posting or handing out flyers
Photo Release Form – for posting photos on your webpage
Field Trip/Excursion Forms – for off-campus events and travel

Handling Finances
Purchase Requisition – use club funds to purchase materials or food for events
Deposit Slip- deposit money into club account
Annual Budget Update – submit to ASWCC at end of each academic year