Archives of Past Events

No. Date Ethnic Studies Cross Cultural Series Events, Activities, Conferences, and Exhibitions
01 11/30/2008 Day of the Dead Celebration
02 02/03/2009 Festival of Dance and Music with African Drumming
03 02/26/2009 Hip Hop & Social Change Across Communities by Luis Ramirezand Faya Sellu
04 04/23/2009 Cesar Chavez Youth Leadership CONFERENCE
05 04/28/2009 Migrant Farm Worker History & Autobiography of Author
06 09/22/2009 Meso American Art Presentation by Artist Felipe Davalos
07 10/22/2009 Tonalli- El, Poder de la Palabra: The Power of the Word Presentation by Francisco Alarcon
08 11/02/2009 Dia de Los Muertos Celebration Presentation by Joaquin Galvan
09 12/02/2009 History of Chicano Art & Mural Making by Artist Malaquia Montoya (UCD)
10 02/04/2010 Clarence: Figurative Paintings by Prof. Terry Turner (WCC)
11 02/26/2010 Ida B. Wells: Student of Sociology Fighting Lynching by Carl Jorgenson
12 03/23/2010 Presentation & Book Signing by Dr. Lorena Oropeza (UCD)
13 04/27/2010 Performing Identity trough Digital Storytelling by Dr. Rina Benmayor (CSUMB)
14 08/30/2010 Coming Together in Difficult Time Photograph EXHIBITION and discussion by Dr. Deeb Sossa
15 09/09/2010 Muslium and Latinos Post 9/11 pannel faciliated by Dr. Jesse Ortiz
16 09/16/2010 Grito de Dolores Play director by Professor Pickette
17 09/16/2010 Political Poster Art and Poetry on SB 1070 by Xico Gonzalez
18 12/01/2010 Indus to Central Valley A Story of Sikh Mirgation to the USA by Dr. Kang
19 02/03/2011 Dunbar: His Influences, Romanticism & Race by Dr. Paul Laurenence
20 02/10/2011 Some Realtively Unnoted Aspecta of Black Musical Traditions by Dr. Carl Jorgenson
21 02/17/2011 Hip-Hop in Urban America: Myths & Realities by Dr. Halifu Osumare
22 02/18/2011 History- Africa and America Presentation
23 02/25/2011 Open Mic Poems
24 04/13/2011 The Tea Party Movement & the Disappernce of the “Indian in US National Identity”by Dr. Ashley Hall
25 05/05/2011 Penacho de Moctezuma Headdress of Moctezuma
26 05/15/2011 The Eagle and the Condor Presentation
27 09/15/2011 HERstories: A Visual Art Journey by Artist Ruy Chacon and Veronica Perez
28 09/20/2011 Fourth World Indigineous Women: Symbol for the Sixth Sun by Author Juan Hernandez
29 09/24/2011 Dia de la Mujer CONFERENCE with keynote by Journalist Jennifer Sanchez
30 11/01/2011 Dia de los Muertos EXHIBITION
31 11/02/2011 Dia de los Muertos Celebration event
32 11/15/2011 What Color is your Heart? Lecture by Dr. Rose Borunda (CSUS)
33 02/21/2012 A Celebration of African American Experience in Yolo County Panel
34 03/12/2012 A History of Japanese American Dissidence during World War II Film and Lecture by Dr. Sasuki Ina
35 10/10/2012 Claiming our WCC Mural & Sense of Belonging by Dr. Maceo Montoya (UCD)
36 10/10/2012 Presentation by Dr. Maceo Montoya (UCD)
37 10/24/2012 History of Chicano Protest Art by Dr. Carlos Jackson (UCD)
38 10/30/2012 Election 2012 Panel with WCC Social Science Faculty
39 11/01/2012 Day of the Dead Celebration Collaboration with Woodland Library
40 11/02/2012 Dia de los Muertos Celebration event
41 11/13/2012 Protecting Our Human Water, Land and Ancestors Presentation by Chief Sisk
42 12/06/2012 The Free Speech Movement & Third World Liberation Front by Ziza Delgado (UCB Ph.D. Candidate)
43 02/01/2013 No. CA National Assocation for Chicana and Chicano Studies Foco CONFERENCE
44 04/12/2013 Three Sisters Garden Workshop with Permaculture Leaders Rafael Aguilera and Derek Downey
45 05/02/2013 Si Se Puede Recognition Event with Keynote by Carlos Alcala, J.D.
46 09/26/2013 Immigration Community Reform with Dr. Kevin Johnson and Carlos Alcala (JUD)
47 09/28/2013 Native Knowledge Before and After Removal to Indian Reservations lecture by Dr. Melissa Johnson
48 10/01/2013 Reseach in Ethnic Studies Presentation by Dr. Robert Delgadillo
49 10/03/2013 Film Screening of The Harvest/ La Cosecha by Glenn Dasattee, Vegitarian Society President
50 10/05/2013 Food Justice & Premaculture Garden Design by Rafael Aguilera (UCSC Alumni)
51 10/17/2013 Doing Good: Racial Tensions and Workplace Book Author Dr. Natialia Deeb-Sossa (UCD)
52 10/25/2013 Garden Work Party
53 10/28/2013 Patrio o Bandido: Joaquin Murrieta lecture by Richard Soto, Founder of Joaquin Murrieta Library
54 11/02/2013 Day of the Dead Celebration Honring Native Scholar Jack Forbes
55 11/03/2013 Dia de los Muertos, Food, and Danza lecture by Dr. Jennie Luna
56 11/08/2013 Hip Hop as Pedagogy by Instructor Andres Rodriguez (WCC Adjunct)
57 11/14/2013 Film showing of Save the Farm with Liz Chavez, South Central Farm
58 02/27/2014 Bracero Guest Worker EXHIBITION Opening
59 03/05/2014 Japanese Interment and Legacies by Dr. Iso Fujamoto (WCC)
60 05/02/2014 Si Se Puede Recogniation Event with Keynote by Rojelio Villagrana, J.D.
61 08/26/2014 Unvailing of the Three Sisters & Food Justice Mural with ArtistS Ruby Chacon & Angel Bajardo
62 09/11/2014 The making of the Deportation of Wopper by Author Maceo Montoya (UCD)
63 10/09/2014 Indigenous Day of Resistance of Resistance Potluck
64 10/09/2014 Queer Concepts Intro to LGBT Culture WORKSHOP by Eric Rodriguez (WCC Student)
65 10/10/2014 Mural Making WORKSHOP with Artist Ruby Chacon
66 10/13/2014 A Legacy of Emmiett Till lecture by Dr. Clarence Walker (UCD)
67 10/18/2014 Semillas y Culturas (Seeds and Culture) CONFERENCE
68 10/30/2014 Dia de los Muertos Discussion by Dr. Melissa Moreno (WCC)
69 11/04/2014 Meditations of the Spirits Presentation by Dr. Ines Hernandez Avila
70 11/18/2014 From Community College to Science and Food Justice by UCB Stem Director Lizarraga
71 11/19/2014 Film Showing Thirsty for Justice by Glenn Dasattee
72 11/20/2014 South Asian, Arab, Aghan America Youth lecture by Dr.Sunina Maira (UCD)
73 12/18/2014 Danza Mexica Artists Panel with Xico Gonzalez, Ruby Chacon, Francisco Alarcon
74 01/22/2015 Enough is Enough Presentation by Dr. Keith Curry
75 02/10/2015 Intergeneration Black Leadership and Social Justice CONFERENCE
76 03/05/2015 Womanists & Mujeristas of the 21st Century by Jennifer Porras and Marilyn Hayes
77 03/10/2015 The Changing Face of the Cultural Center by Dr. Robert Kirschner
78 03/24/2015 Cesar Chavez & Civil Rights Today by Dr. Jesse Ortiz, Dr. Cieno Rodriguez and Retired Principal Evelia Genera
79 03/28/2015 Taller de Jardin Tres Hermanas WORKSHOP by Nurtitionist Tudy Robles
80 04/01/2015 Si Se Puede Recognition Event with Dr. Rick Ramirez & YCOE Superintendent Jesse Ortiz
81 04/09/2015 Film Showing of Walking in Oak Creek by Dean Chahal (WCC)
82 09/15/2015 September 16 Mexican Independence Lecture by Prof. Melissa Moreno
83 09/15/2015 September 16 Mexican Cebration with Center for Families keynote by Dr. Rodriguez
84 10/10/2015 2nd Semillas y Culturas (Seeds and Cultures) CONFERENCE
85 10/17/2015 Beyond the Dreamers CONFERENCE
86 12/09/1015 Author of Red Medicine Dr. Patrisia Gonzales
87 Fall 2013 Meso American Food and Multicultural Photo EXHIBITION
88 Fall 2013 Food Justice Photo EXHIBITION
89 Fall 2014 Danza Mexica EXHIBITION
90 Spring 2015 A Century of Black History and Culture in the Valley EXHIBITION
91 Spring 2016 Yolo Japanese American Community EXHIBITION
92 02/19/2016 Japanese Day of Rememberance Event
93 TBA Si Se Puede Recognition Event