Students planning to graduate from Woodland Community College must complete and submit a graduation via Woodland Self-Service, by logging into your WebAdvisor account. 

  1. Log-in to your WebAdvisor account
  2. Click on the “Student” tab, then on “Woodland Self-Service”
  3. Click on “Graduation Overview” link
  4. Click on “Apply” to start the petition for your intended major/program

Any questions pertaining to the completion of the Graduation Application may be directed to a counselor.

Woodland Community College awards an Associate in Arts and an Associate in Science degree. All candidates for graduation must file a petition online in the semester they wish to graduate. Graduation petitions are due towards the end of Fall (November 15), Spring (April 15), or Summer (July 15).  Students must apply to graduate prior to the deadline in order to be considered for the term they are wishing to graduate.

A transfer student must have a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) in associate-degree level work completed, as well as, a 2.0 overall associate-degree level coursework GPA, and complete 12 units of associate-degree level course work in the College in order to graduate.

Students who believe they may continue their education at a four-year college or university should plan to complete the General Education requirements for transfer and consult with a Counselor.

Before submitting a graduation petition, it is strongly recommended that students meet with a Counselor.

Catalog Rights

Students maintaining attendance at least one semester of a calendar year receive “catalog rights”. Summer session does not count for catalog rights. Catalog rights refer to the regulations determining graduation requirements. Students may elect the requirements in effect in the year they began their study or in the year they graduate from WCC. Once catalog rights are established, absence related to an approved educational leave or for attendance at another institution is not to be considered an interruption, providing the above attendance criteria is met.

While catalog rights hold degree requirements, they do not apply to changes in prerequisites required in a given course. Prerequisite requirements are those stated in the “Course Descriptions” section of the current catalog.


During the end of the Spring semester there is a commencement ceremony for all graduates who graduate in the previous Summer, previous Fall or current Spring terms. Information will be available to those graduates via email during the Spring term and on our website.


Diploma’s are awarded after a student has successfully completed their graduation petition, completed all coursework and have cleared all debts with the college.  Diploma’s are printed three times a year (Fall, Spring, and Summer). Students can expect to receive their diplomas approximately three to four months after the term in which they graduate.  Posting of the degree will appear on the official transcript approximately two month after all grades are submitted for the term.