Students who obtain the Associate in Arts in Sociology for Transfer (AA-T) will fulfill general education and transfer requirements that prepare students for further study in sociology and related fields. This degree aligns with both the CSU and UC Transfer Pathways.

Major Requirements (19 units)

 Required Core Courses
  • SOCIL 1 Introduction To Sociology (3 units)
  • SOCIL 2 Social Problems (3 units)
  • STAT 1 Introduction to Statistical Methods (4 units)
Major Electives: Choose 3 courses
  • PSYCH 22 Social Psychology (3 units)
  • SOCIL 5 Sociology of Race and Ethnicity (3 units)
  • SOCIL 6 Sociology of Sex and Gender  (3 units)
  • SOCIL 8 Social Science Research Methods (3 units)
  • SOCIL 10 Sociology of Marriage and Family (3 units)
Additional Degree Requirements
  • Fulfill CSU GE-Breadth or IGETC requirements
  • Complete 60 units of CSU transferable coursework*
  • Maintain a minimum overall GPA of 2.0
  • Complete all degree-applicable courses with a grade of C or better (or a P)

*All courses required for the major are CSU/UC transferable and can count towards the 60 units and the GE-Breadth or IGETC requirements.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the connection between theory and evidence in the social sciences by comparing and applying major sociological theories and by citing and evaluating evidence to support claims about the social world.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the concept and the consequences of social construction as they relate to major social stratification categories like class, race, and gender.
  • Develop and apply a “sociological imagination” to recognize the role social forces play in shaping the lives of individuals.