PSYCH 1A-General Psychology (3 units) CSU/UC
General introduction to psychology as a science, including perception, learning, development, motivation, personality, abnormal behavior, and the biological and social basis of behavior. (L)
PSYCH 1B-General Psychology: Individual and Social Processes (3 units) CSU/UC
Further in-depth exploration of the subject matter of introductory psychology. Including, but are not limited to, developmental psychology, personality, social psychology, abnormal/maladaptive behavior, individual differences, neuropsychology, cross-cultural psychology. (L)
PSYCH 8-Social Science Reseach Methods (3 units) CSU
Covers basic issues in the design and implementation of social science research. Topics covered include the scientific method, ethics, research design basic descriptive and inferential statistics, and qualitatitive and quantitative methodologies. Not open for credit to students with credit in SOCIL 8.
PSYCH 12-Human Sexuality and Sexual Behavior (3 units) CSU/UC
Psychological and biological aspects of human sexuality, including developmental issues, variations in sexual behavior/orientation, structure and function of the reproductive systems, sexual response, and sexually transmitted diseases. (L)
PSYCH 22-Social Psychology (3 units) CSU/UC
Introduction to the study of human interaction with a focus on the individual within a social context, including topics of social perception and cognition, interpersonal attraction, pro-social behavior and aggression, attitude change, conformity and obedience, prejudice and discrimination, and the psychology of groups. (L)
PSYCH 30A-Consciousness Studies (1 unit) CSU
Focuses primarily on transpersonal approaches to consciousness. Other perspectives will include psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive, biological, evolutionary, humanistic and existential. (L)
PSYCH 30C-Advanced Consciousness Studies (1 unit) CSU
Continued examination of the nature of human consciousness, reality formation, psi phenomena and the body/mind connection. (L)
PSYCH 30D-History of Consciousness (1 unit) CSU
Historical development and research regarding consciousness studies in psychology. (L)
PSYCH 31-Gender and Behavior: Feminine and
Masculine Behavior (3 units) CSU/UC
Systematic analysis of psychological principles related to gender, including biological, social, and cultural perspectives. (L)
PSYCH 33-Personal and Social Adjustment (3 units) CSU/UC
Principles of personality development with emphasis on self-theories and social interaction theories. (L)
PSYCH 41-Lifespan Development (3 units) CSU/UC
Introduction to the scientific study of human development from conception to death; examines the interplay of the biological, psychological, social, and cultural influences on the developing human being. (L)
PSYCH 46-Abnormal Psychology (3 units) CSU/UC
Introduction to the field of abnormal psychology; exploration of the models, diagnosis, and classification of abnormal behavior. (L)