ethnic studies“The task for me is to not only comprehend the world, but to change the world.” — Ronald Takaki


The Ethnic Studies program provides an interdisciplinary (i.e., social science and humanities) curriculum that prepares students to study the cultural identities and institutional forces that have shaped the histories and contributions of racial and ethnic groups in our U.S. Multicultural Society. Students of Ethnic Studies gain theories, concepts, and frameworks to critically examine and study the historical and contemporary issues of inequity impacting American society.

Program Goals and Objectives:

  • meet general education requirements for all students
  • prepare students planning to transfer and earn a BA degree in Ethnic Studies (e.g., Chicano Studies, African American Studies, Native American Studies, or Asian American Studies) and professional fields, including social sciences, humanities, law, teaching, social work, and public administration
  • provide the skills and knowledge needed for courses transfer to four-year colleges and universities,
  • help students to succeed in the pursuit of excellence in their individual academic and career goals,
  • develop the social awareness of students to stimulate their leadership and community service potential,
  • provide students a solid academic understanding of their socio-economic, political, and historical realities,
  • development of students’ ability to think critically and express themselves in an organized, logical, and critical manner

Current Newsletter

WCC Ethnic Studies offers an AA degree in Chicana/o Studies

AA degree in Chicana/o Studies directly transfers to UC Davis Chicana/o Studies program and degree.

For details see and download this pdf file.