“The social sciences offer equal promise for improving human welfare; our lives can be greatly improved through a deeper understanding of individual and collective behavior.”
-Nicholas A. Christakis

Courses and programs in the social sciences focus on people as members of society. Students in social science disciplines:

  • practice methods of inquiry used by the social and behavioral sciences
  • think critically about the ways people act and have acted in response to their societies
  • develop global awareness of how societies and social subgroups operate
  • learn to take personal and social responsibility for their role in society

Associate in Arts in Social Science (18 units)

The degree is designed to prepare students for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Science and to provide subject matter preparation for the Single Subject Teaching Credential in Social Science.

Required Courses (18 units)
  • ECON 1A Elementary Economics-Macro (3 units)
  • ECON 1B Elementary Economics-Micro (3 units)
  • HIST 5A World Civilizations (3 units)
  • HIST 17A United States History (3 units)
  • HIST 17B United States History II (3 units)
  • POLSC 1 Introduction To American Government (3 units)
Additional Recommended Coursework (not required)
  • PHIL 2 Ethics (3 units)