GEOG 1-Physical Geography (3 units) CSU/UC
A spatial study of Earth’s dynamic physical systems and processes. Topics include maps, Earth-sun relations, weather, climate, water, landforms, soils, and the biosphere. Emphasis is on interrelationships among systems and processes and their resulting patterns and distributions. (L)  C-ID GEOG 110

GEOL 8-Earth Science (3 units) CSU/UC UC-Unit Limit
Survey course with topics chosen principally from oceanography, geology, physical geography, meteorology, and astronomy. Topics are presented within a theme of understanding the earth. (L)  C-ID GEOL 120

GEOL 8L Earth Science Laboratory (1 unit) CSU/UC
Laboratory activities in Earth Science to reinforce and complement the materials presented in GEOL 8.  C-ID GEOL 120L

GEOL 10L-Physical Geology (4 units) CSU/UC UC-Unit Limit
Earth, its materials, structures, and the processes that have and are shaping it; includes overview of landforms, oceans, plate tectonics, and their relationships. Includes laboratory experience. Not open for credit to student with credit in GEOL 10. (L)  C-ID GEOL 101

GEOL 11L-Historical Geology (4 units) CSU/UC
Geologic history of the earth; physical development; fossil evidence through time; concepts processes, structures, and patterns. (L)  C-ID GEOL 111

GEOL 12-Oceanography (3 Units) CSU/UC
General introduction to the basic principles of oceanography; including the study of geological, physical, and chemical oceanography. Topics will include the origin of Earth and the oceans, plate tectonics, marine provinces, sediment, seawater composition and geochemical distributions, surficial and deep-water oceanic circulation, waves, tides, coastal erosion and deposition, marine ecosystems, and human effect’s on the oceans. Not open for credit to student with credit in ECOL 12. (L)

GEOL-20-Geology of California (3 units) CSU/UC
General introduction to the geological sciences with emphasis on the geology of California. Topics covered will include the tectonic provinces, landforms, natural resources, geologic history, natural hazards, and related geologic environmental problems in the state. (L)  C-ID GEOL 200