Communication Studies Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T)

For more information please see Communication Studies information on p.117 in the current version of the WCC Course Catalog

Total units required for Communication degree major

Course Units
Required Units
List A – Core Courses (12 Units):
SPECH 13     Introduction to Communication Studies 3
SPECH 1       Public Speaking 3
SPECH 6       Small Group Communication 3
SPECH 7       Interpersonal Communication 3
List B-Restrictive Elective: Choose One (3 Units):
SPECH 3       Argumentation and Critical Thinking -or- 3
SPECH 8       Intercultural Communication -or- 3
SPECH 14      Persuasion 3
List C-Restrictive Elective: Choose One (3 Units), Or Any List B course not used above:
ENGL 1B 2  Critical Thinking & Writing About Literature -or- 3
ENGL 1C 2  Critical Thinking/Advanced Composition -or- 3
PSYCH 1A   General Psychology -or- 3
SOCIL 1       Introduction to Sociology 3
SPECH 2     Oral Interpretation of Literature 3
Total units required for degree major 18 units total


In addition to the major requirements, students seeking an AA-T must fulfill CSU GE-Breadth or IGETC requirements, complete 60 units of CSU transferable coursework, and complete all degree-applicable courses with a C or better. Note that all courses required for the major are CSU transferrable and can count towards the 60 units and the GE-Breadth or IGETC requirements.