Committee Purpose

The Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) committee is responsible for providing leadership for ongoing continuous quality improvement of the WCC SLOs at the institution, program, and course level and for coordinating the staff training needed to accomplish this goal. SLOs will be developed for programs and services in Instruction and Student Services, with Administrative Services incorporated into the process, as appropriate.

Meets District Goal/College Strategic Direction
District Strategic Goal 1: Increase student success and maximize the student experience through andragogy, curriculum and well-aligned student services programs designed to enhance student learning and completion.

District Strategic Goal 2: Integrate planning and institutional effectiveness processes within a culture of evidence.

Meets Accreditation Standard
Standard I.B: Assuring Academic Quality and Institutional Effectiveness (Academic Quality)

Standard I.C.3: Institutional Integrity
Standard II.A: Student Learning Programs and Support Services (Instructional Programs)
Standard II.C: Student Learning Programs and Support Services (Student Support Services)