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Information for Faculty and Adjunct Faculty


Please provide the names & ID#s of all students whom you feel have the academic and personal skills to assist other students for your class(es). A currently enrolled student whom you feel has a grasp of the concepts may also qualify to tutor the class. Since tutors are hired throughout the semester, your referrals are appreciated at any time.

Tutor Referral form

Tutor Applications

We defer to faculty members to consider whether an applicant has the ability to tutor specific classes. Please review applications and consider whether the student has the skills (academic & personal) to tutor your class(es).
We receive applications from individuals who may have taken courses at another institution. In these instances, we ask that an unofficial transcript be attached. If the individual has taken the course at WCC or YC, a transcript may not be attached. However, let the Center know if you need further information or documentation.

If you approve of the applicant, please sign the form in the appropriate space for the appropriate class(es). You may enter other classes you feel the applicant could also tutor.

If you do not approve of the applicant, please return the form with a note indicating this decision.
In either instance, please return the Application to the Tutoring Center mailbox as soon as possible.

Needing Tutorial Services

Students may ask you to complete the bottom section of the Request for Tutorial Services. Please review, mark the appropriate boxes and sign. Either return the form to the student or to the Tutoring Center mailbox.

Classroom Visit

Please contact the Center if you would like a tutor or staff member to visit your classroom to discuss the services. Faculty are also welcome to bring their classroom to visit the Center early in the semester; of course, advance notice is requested.