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WCC Academic Reading Center Workshops Support Your Success!

ARC Workshop Descriptions (Please call or email to find out dates and locations)

Better Reading Strategies:
Learn the best way to read textbooks in college! This workshop provides a detailed break-down of the reading process to make your reading more efficient and more effective (regardless of your reading level).

Lecture Note-Taking:
Do you have trouble taking class notes? Do you struggle to figure out what’s important or what you should write down? This workshop will go over different note-taking styles as well as help you determine what’s important from a class lecture.

Test Preparation:
It’s midterms! Are you prepared? In this workshop you'll learn valuable reading and studying skills and strategies, as well as information organization techniques, that will make studying a breeze!

Reading Your Science Textbook:
Biology, Chemistry, Physics: all these courses have intense, detailed readings that can give students anxiety. In this workshop we’ll discuss ways to read science texts that help you understand and remember what you read.

Reading in the Social Sciences:
Psychology and Sociology can have books that seem impossible to understand—and research papers and abstracts are even more confusing! Come to this workshop to get some tips and tricks to help you pick apart that dense reading and make the most of your reading in the social sciences.

Reading Your Math Textbook:
If you’re not reading your math textbook, then you’re not learning it! In this workshop we’ll discuss features that your math text has that are useful to every student, as well as ways to effectively read your math text to enhance your in-class learning.

Reading to Write (for English 1A and 51 students):
The ARC and the English department team up to show ENGL 51 and 1A students the BEST ways to read and write effectively on their final exam. First learn the reading skills and strategies to make the most of your article reading. Then a writing professor will show you writing strategies to make your essay the best it can be!