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Jolene Torres neé Brown

The WCC Reading Center is currently staffed by an Instructional Associate, Jolene Brown (Torres).

I have been an avid reader my whole life and began tutoring reading at a young age: first to my little brother and later to a myriad of stuffed animals who, unfortunately, did not learn as well. The stuffed animals may not have learned but I persisted and, if nothing else, I learned patience and persistence that stays with me to this day.

I have worked in reading support services for six years at two community colleges. I bring to Woodland Community College a passion for reading and reading instruction, as well as the knowledge and understanding that helps students understand the importance of reading. My goal with students is to make them critical thinkers and readers.

Successful students should be able to identify their own strengths and weaknesses in their study skills, and adjust their work accordingly. I work with each student in such a way as to help the student become self-sufficient, encouraging critical reading and thinking, as well as metacognitive assessments. By asking questions, identifying goals, and establishing reasonable expectations students can and will find their reading and studying improve and continue to improve over the long-term.

-- Jolene Brown (Torres)