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Faculty Referral Form

If You Are An Instructor

The Reading Center looks forward to working with your students to help them succeed in your classes!

Please refer your students to the ARC for drop-in tutoring in which they will learn to read critically, study actively, and apply what they learn to all of their college classes.

A few of the things they can learn in the ARC:

  • Specific reading strategies: pre-reading, annotation, summarizing, paraphrasing, among others.
  • Study skills and strategies: test preparation, outlining, mapping, vocabulary development, note-taking, among others.

We encourage you to use the ARC Faculty Referral Form as you refer students to us. Drop completed forms in the ARC (Rm. 870) or ask your student to bring it on their first visit.

Feedback from students who have used the Reading Center

"This reading class [in the ARC] has helped me tremendously in my biology class. First by allowing me to set up reading time that I am accountable for. I have learned new study skills that have made my comprehension of the material much better than I could have on my own, as well as teaching me better organization of the material to help me read it better. Thanks!"