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How The Center Works

The Reading Center is a free student support service that allows students to drop in for reading and study skills assistance. The Center is staffed by a Reading Instructional Associate who is available to help you with reading, study, and test preparation strategies in all subject areas.

No enrollment is necessary and there’s nothing to buy. However, students should bring a textbook, article, novel, paper, or other reading material with them in order to learn the best way to read and study the material.

Once at the Reading Center simply:

  • Sign in at the sheet near the entrance; print clearly and fill out all boxes.
  • If you need to see a tutor:
    • If you’ve never been to the Reading Center before, fill out an INTAKE FORM; these are located near the sign in sheet.
    • If you have been to the Reading Center before you do not have to fill out another intake form so have a seat and wait for the tutor. While waiting you are welcome to read, study, or work on homework.
  • When you are ready to leave don’t forget to sign out on the form at the entrance.

The Reading Center is a QUIET SPACE where students can go to study or read without distractions. Unlike other places on campus, there is a strict policy against loud noises and it is enforced. Please follow these rules while in the center:

  • No ringing cell phones or loud music; earphones are fine as long as no one else can hear it. Please mute or silence your phone before entering the center. Also, no phone conversations; if you need to talk on your phone please step outside the center, or finish your call before you enter.
  • Keep conversations quiet! Study groups are welcome but conversations must be kept to a respectful noise level to not distract others who may need quiet. If told to quiet your group (by other students or staff) you must do so!
  • No eating! Drinks are ok.
  • Do not remove Reading Center supplies, equipment, and texts from the Center.
  • Last, but most important, BE RESPECTFUL.
Thank you for making the Reading Center a successful place to learn!