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Media Requests

Step 1 (Optional): Understand the process by reviewing the following documents:

Step 2 (Optional): Find & evaluate materials suitable to your department's needs:

  • Consult "Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries" or "Library Journal" (see a librarian regarding access to these periodicals)
  • Consult your own discipline's periodicals for reviews
  • Consider evaluation criteria using this sample Media Evaluation Form

Step 3 (Required): Prioritize your requests in the following order (each category should also be prioritized) using theMedia Request Form

  • Essential to curriculum
  • Supplemental to curriculum
  • Useful for students or college employees

Step 4 (Required): Submit your prioritized requests to the librarian at wcclibrary@yccd.edu referring to the following calendar.

  • FALL CYCLE Aug 1 -- Sep 30: Library accepts prioritized requests from faculty
  • SPRING CYCLE Jan 1 -- Mar 7: Library accepts prioritized requests from faculty

*Requests outside of the deadlines may be purchased on a case-by-case basis pending human and fiscal resources as well as district purchasing processes.

For more information or help with the forms, contact the Library at (530) 661-5740 or wcclibrary@yccd.edu.