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Electronic Resources Requests

Step 1 (Optional): Understand the process by reviewing the following documents:

Step 2 (Optional): Find & evaluate materials suitable to your department's needs:

  • Consult "Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries" or "Library Journal" (see a librarian regarding access to these periodicals)
  • Consult your own discipline's periodicals for reviews
  • Consider evaluation criteria using this Sample Electronic Resource Evaluation Form

Step 3 (Required): Submit your request(s) to the librarian during the fall or spring semester
using the Request for New Electronic Resource Form.

Step 4 (Required): The Librarian will set up a trial for users and collaboration between faculty and the librarian(s) will determine if a resource should be purchased pending administrative approval. To conclude the trial/review, the Librarian will use the Electronic Resources Evaluation/Trial Summary form to summarize data/evidence and other input to determine the potential effectiveness and feasibility of a resource and report the results.

For more information or help with the forms, contact the Library at (530) 661-5740 or wcclibrary@yccd.edu .

Please note: the Library performs a review of periodicals and electronic subscriptions every 3 years which involves campus wide input from faculty and students as well as updating the collection every year using that input to effectively manage available resources. The next review will be completed in the 2015/2016 academic year.